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Our History

How it all began

In 1683, Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden, one of the most powerful aristocrats in Europe at the time, creates a hammer mill and nail forge in the Black Forest in the hamlet of Gaggenau.

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The World of Gaggenau

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen. We believe that our products extend beyond simply being appliances. We wholeheartedly believe in culinary exploration and forging a gateway into the depths of creativity in the kitchen.

Breaking boundaries and chasing ambitions of what masterpieces you can create, we encourage you to truly experience joy in the kitchen. From humble beginnings in 1683, we have continued to build upon our epic story to become a global leader in bespoke luxury kitchen appliances. Inspired by principles within the professional kitchen, our artisans and craftsmen have been designing products for you, the private chef, to achieve professional results at home

Experience the difference, the Gaggenau showroom.

Ultimately, you need to experience a Gaggenau appliance to truly appreciate its qualities. Find your nearest showroom to open an oven door and turn a solid stainless steel knob while sipping a cappuccino from our fully automatic espresso machine.

Gaggenau Kitchen of the Year Design Contest

Leading the industry in form and innovation, Gaggenau has cultivated a name that has come to epitomise high performance and inimitable quality. As an industry leader, Gaggenau has been incorporated into luxury kitchens the world over, as architects, designers and specifiers look for products that deliver an unparalleled kitchen experience.

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