It began with a spark…

Our Story

In 1683, Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden, one of the most powerful aristocrats in Europe at the time, creates a hammer mill and nail forge in the Black Forest in the hamlet of Gaggenau. Of all the many monumental actions in his eventful life, none have had the longevity of that simple decision. Before there was a Germany, through the industrial revolution and the countless re-drawings of the map of Europe, we were loudly bending metal to our will. Every hammer blow from that original foundry guides our metalwork today. Our heritage enables the continual creation of the exceptional, in every single appliance we craft and the experience we provide.


Gaggenau is founded

Our story springs to life on the edge of the Black Forest. This was an area of poor farmers barely scratching out a living, generation after generation. To tackle this, the aristocratic ruler of the region, Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden, diversified. He established a smelting plant in Rotenfels and a hammer mill and nail forge in Gaggenau in 1683.


The cornerstone of our experience

As a specialist in enamel, Gaggenau produced hardwearing advertising signs for brands such as Odol, Maggi and Stollwerck. This informed the recipe for the company’s robust oven enamel, which in turn formed the basis for the success of its coal and gas-fired stoves. That same lineage of enamel can be seen today in the form of our iconic blue oven interiors.


Moving with the times

The product range adapted into the new century. Gaggenau assumed a pioneering role with a range of innovative products, including coal and gas-fired stoves, as well as bicycles. By 1908, Gaggenau had sold a total of 250,000 “Badenia” bicycles. This success taught the collective of workers and managers the importance of ergonomics, build quality and distinctive design.


Gaggenau focusses on kitchen appliances under Dr. Otto von Blanquet

When Dr. Otto von Blanquet took over, the company shifted its focus solely towards coal and gas-fired stoves. In the late 1940’s Gaggenau began to produce innovative, economical gas and coal ovens. Electric ovens were also manufactured for the first time, with 180 employees eventually involved in producing the famous “Favorit” and “Futura” models.


Establishing the professional kitchen principle

When Georg von Blanquet followed in his father’s footsteps, he paved the way for the fitted kitchen revolution. In 1956 the first built-in, eye-level oven, separate cooktop and ventilation appliances were all brought to market, by us.

His appetite for change was matched only by his demand for quality. New functions had to prove useful to chefs, be sturdy enough for the working kitchen and look beautiful.


Introduction of the Vario modular system

Gaggenau presented the first 28 cm wide Vario cooktops with top-mounted control knobs – a forerunner of the now classic advanced Vario cooktops series. This series provides a wide variety of specialised appliances that combine to provide a bespoke cooking experience.


The 90 cm handcrafted icon is born

The first 90 cm wide oven to reach the European market was inevitably going to impress, with a generous net volume of 87 litres and space for up to four roasts at a time. The EB 300 soon achieved cult status.


Bringing steam into the home

Gaggenau – Pioneer of healthy eating: The ED 220 steam oven was the first of its kind to be commercially produced for the private home. Since then steam ovens have become the standard for the private chef who demands the best.


Fully automatic cleaning system and sous-vide cooking

Gaggenau introduced the latest innovation: an automatic cleaning system for the combi-steam oven that can be easily operated at the push of a button.


Gaggenau celebrates 333 year anniversary: an icon is reborn

An aspiration of the private chef, and the professional chef at home, the EB 300 has been a Gaggenau icon for over 30 years. This oven is a 90 cm testament to the Gaggenau difference, its heritage and traditional avant-garde. Wildly individual, distinctive and iconic, it is the heart of the kitchen. This is a predominantly hand built oven, in a world of the machine-made appliances.


Relaunch of the Vario cooling 400 series

This is a very refined series. Designing the new Vario cooling 400 series, the products were treated as pieces of architecture that doubled up as a functional kitchen appliance. The spacious interior enables you to arrange your ingredients in the same way an artist arranges their paint.


A true masterpiece: the new Gaggenau combi-steam ovens

Having introduced the steam oven to the private kitchen more than 20 years ago, the Gaggenau combi-steam oven has been continuously refined to remain at the forefront of modern and professional cooking results in the domestic kitchen.