Fitzroy Project – Robert Nichol and Sons

Fitzroy Project sees an iconic 1850s bluestone building reunited into a single residence, after it had been converted into two independent dwellings. In reorganising the layout, the project team considered the kitchen to be crucial to bringing a sense of cohesion – all while indulging the owner’s love of entertaining and cooking. The space had to be classic, practical and timeless.

The rich materiality of the kitchen grounds the space, while adding a complementary layer to the heritage of the building. Separated from the living and dining rooms to allow for each area to retain its unique character, the kitchen is purposefully energetic.

The appliances play an important role achieving this dynamic outcome – particularly Gaggenau’s telescopic table ventilation system which frees up the location of the cooktop and enables the final layout to take shape. The full surface induction cooktop is set flush with the marble bench, highlighting the beauty of its textural nature, while the series 400 steam oven, oven and warming drawer have been grouped together into the wall of tall cabinets where their soft brushed finish makes a subtle statement.

The result is a unique, functional and vigorous heart-of-the-house that escapes the concept of time.