Gaggenau in the Media

At Gaggenau, we take pride in our appliances being the pinnacle of the kitchen. With a distinctly recognizable design that stands out, our appliances have been crafted to be admired. See the latest media features, stories and coverage showcasing our Gaggenau home appliances.

Carr in the kitchen

est living take a deep-dive into how Carr crafts their signature, best-in-class kitchens with senior interior designer Rita D’Souza.

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Refined apartment living with Mim Design

Find bespoke luxury inside the Sussex Street Apartments designed by Powell & Glenn and Mim Design.

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Designing an enduring beach house with Studio Tom

Collaborating with Planned Living Architects, Studio Tom have created an equally monumental and unpretentious place to reside by the sea.

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A new benchmark for luxury, inner-city apartments

Situated in a breathtaking locale, the design of Victoriana has been inspired by nature herself.

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